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Bee Swarm Removal

Often when honey bees swarm, their scouts find locations for new hives in house walls, sheds, eaves, or any number of interesting, but inconvenient locations.

Over the years, I've removed hives from RVs, sprinkler control boxes, crawl spaces, ventilation ducts, many exterior walls, and eaves.

To me, it is always fascinating to see where and how the honey bees have constructed their hive and I have learned a lot about honey bees and how they build their homes by doing beehive removal.

Unfortunately, removing a beehive from a structure is time-consuming, rough on the bees, and expensive for the homeowner. The alternative of spraying and exterminating the bees isn't a good solution, setting aside killing the bees for the moment if you spray and kill the bees their honeycomb remains inside the structure and will attract ants, mice, and rats.

The cost for beehive removal usually runs between $200 - $700 depending on the complexity of the removal.



If you have a honey beehive which needs to be removed from a structure, call me (541) 854-0358 and we can discuss the options.

If you have a "free hanging" swarm of bees which have collected on a tree, bush, or structure in the open, call me as soon as possible. I rescue bee swarms for free.

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