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Bumble bees are amazing creatures. they're the most recognizable of all the native bees, mainly because of their size, but also because of their prolific pollination. They always seem to be on flowers buzzing around collecting pollen. Bumble bees are notoriously gentle and generally only agitated if they feel their nest is in danger. They are social bees, living in small colonies which are started by Queen each year. Most Bumble bees make their nest in the ground, however, there are a few species which prefer to nest higher up and will often inhabit old birdhouses. Bumble bee colonies don't overwinter they raise new Queens each fall which, after mating, hibernate through the winter before starting a new colony in the spring.

If you have a colony of Bumble bees and feel like you really need them removed (remember they will only be in that spot through October) give us a call and we will be happy to help move them to a safe place.

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