Honey Bees Eugene
Honey Bees Eugene

Friendly Bee Swarm Rescue

I am a local Beekeeper who relocates Honey Bee swarms to new hives in the Eugene and Springfield area where they can thrive.

Call or text me at (541) 854-0358 for free swarm removal.

Honey Bee Swarms

Honey Bee Swarm Oregon

Honey Bee Swarm, Springfield Oregon

When honey bees swarm, about half of the active bees leave their hive with the queen. They fly a short distance and find a place to stage themselves and protect the queen while scout bees go out and look for a new home. While the bees are in their swarm state, they are usually fairly calm and not prone to sting since they don’t have a home they are trying to protect. Once they have settled into a bush, on a tree branch, or some other structure the honey bees will remain there for a few hours or occasionally overnight. This is the best time to collect the honey bees and place them into a new hive. It is the least stressful on the bees and it keeps them from building a new hive in the eve or wall of someone's home where they would have to be removed later.

Honey Bees

Honey bees could easily be considered humanity's favorite insect. We eat their honey, use the wax they make, and couldn’t sustain our current agricultural practices without them as our primary pollinators. What a lot of people don’t know is that Honey bees are not native to North America, they were brought over with early European settlers. At Plan Bees, we love them nonetheless which is why each spring we gear up for swarm season and head out to rescue the bees.

Honey Bees Eugene Oregon
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"I love rescuing honey bee swarms! If you are in the Eugene or Springfield Oregon area, give me a call and I'll be happy to relocate the swarm you found."

Brent Hefley, Beekeeper
Linda Knight
Linda Knight
23:21 20 May 19
City folk experienced backyard bee swarm. We called Brent who responded quickly, was friendly, and very knowledgeable. We greatly enjoyed having Brent come to our rescue. Very much appreciated. Highly recommend Brent and his services.
Laurel Fooks
Laurel Fooks
14:48 05 May 19
Brent was so great from the initial contact on the phone to coming out and caring for the precious swarm of honey bees that were in our dogwood tree. Highly recommend for either safe removal of a swarm like we had or just a go-to guy for information. Thanks, Plan Bees!
Ashley Riggs
Ashley Riggs
00:58 27 Mar 19
Cannot recommend Brent from Plan Bees enough! He was out the door as soon as we called, educated the adults and young kids about how incredible and necessary bees are, and turned a stressful backyard situation into a pleasant one! He even let the kids try on the bee suit! Don’t hesitate to call... this experienced and friendly bee guy!read more
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