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Honey Bee Hive Removal

Removing a Honey Bee Hive from a structure is a much more involved process than removing a honey bee swarm. It can take several hours for removal and cleanout. Afterward, the cutout section of the structure will need to be repaired.

Removing Bee Hive

Bee Hive Removal Process

The process of removing a honey bee hive is known as a cut-out. It begins by opening up the structure, usually from the exterior of the building. Often this means cutting through the siding and removing trim pieces. Once the space is open, I use a special bee vacuum to collect as many of the bees as possible. Then I begin removing honeycomb piece-by-piece vacuuming off bees as I go. It's a detailed labor-intensive process that can take from 2 to 10 hours.

In an urban environment, Honey Bees often make their home in a wall or eve of a building. Sometimes, however, they will make their hive in the most unusual places. I've removed bees from crawl spaces, tree houses, RVs, and several other interesting locations. It's always fascinating to see unique places they have chosen and how they construct their honeycomb inside the space. No matter how interesting this is for me, it's hard on the bees and can be an expensive process. It is much better to relocate a bee swarm than wait and try to remove their hive.

Honey Beehive Removal

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