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Honey Bees Eugene

Bumble Bee Removal

Bumblebees are some of our most important pollinators, but sometimes they make their nest in an inconvenient location. Often they will find space in a compost bin, old birdhouse, or crawl space which is perfect for them to build a new home. Bumblebees won't damage a structure, and they do not keep the same nest site through the winter. If they have made a home around your house it's best to leave them if you can. If you really need them moved, give contact me and we can discuss the options.

Bumble Bees

Bumblebees are amazing creatures. They are most recognizable by their size and the deep buzzing sound they make. They are prolific pollinators, better than Honey Bees, out early and in cold weather buzzing around collecting pollen. Bumblebees are notoriously gentle and generally only get agitated if they feel their nest is in danger. They are social bees, living in small colonies that are started by a new Queen each year. Bumblebee colonies don't overwinter they raise new Queens each fall, which, after mating, hibernate through the winter before starting a new colony in the spring.

Bumble Bee Removal

Most Bumblebees make their nest in the ground. There are a few species which prefer to nest higher up and will often inhabit old birdhouses. You may find them in your compost pile, in a crawl space, or other places in sheltered loose debris. If you have a colony of Bumblebees and feel like you need them removed (remember they will only be in that spot through October), give us a call (541) 854-0358, and we will be happy to help move them to a safe place.

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