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Native Pollinators

Preserving Biodiversity

Native pollinators come in all shapes and sizes. There are aproximately 20,000 species of native bees worldwide and around 17,500 species of butterflies. Some are so small that they are barely noticable, others are big and beautiful like Monarch butterflies and Bumblebees. They are all unique and extremely important to the vitality of life on earth.

Did you Know?

That 75% of Native Bees are solitary ground nesters.

This large group of pollinators needs undisturbed soil in order to thrive.

native bees Eugene Oregon
bumblebee Eugene Oregon
native bees Eugene Oregon

There are an amazing variety of native bees in Oregon. We have Twenty-five species of Bumblebees, two types of Mason bees, Large Carpenter bees, Small Carpenter bees, Miner bees, Leafcutter bees, Digger bees, and exquisite Metalic Green Sweat bees!

You can help protect them, enjoy their beauty, and benefit from their pollination by creating your own native bee habitat.

Mason Bee Eugene Oregon
Mason Bee Eugene Oregon

Native Bee Habitat

Wilding: Designate a wild area of your yard. It doesn't have to be huge, a 10' square would be nice. It can be any shape and the size can vary.

Planting: Add a variety of flowering native plants to your wild area. Oregon State University has a great list of native pollinator plants for you to get started with. You can also find more resources in our Planting for Bees resource section.

Cleaning: Don't. Nature loves messy. Native bees need undisturbed ground, old plant stems, and rotted wood to make their nests.

Check out our Native Bee Resources for more information on how to support these important pollinators.

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