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Bee Removal

Taking Bee Hives out of Buildings

Honey bee swarms will often find a new home inside the wall or eve of a building. They can be removed, but it's a sticky business to do it.

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Bee hive in a wall

Honey bees are very adaptible and can live in a variety of different spaces. They do however, seem to love to inhabit the eve of a standard roof or the wall on the sunny side of a house. Given a small entrance in an attic screen or underneath a piece of siding, they will take up residence. Once they claim a space as their home, it's a messy job to remove them.

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Honey bees in a house

In order to remove a honey bee hive whatever structure it is in needs to be opened up enough to access all of the comb that they have built. Honey bees build their comb quickly and if they have been in a space for more than a couple of months it will be mostly filled out.

The cost range to have honey bees removed is generally between $300 - $1000 depending on the complexity of the job and the amount of travel and work time involved.

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